I like to make music patterns in my head. I use them to entertain my brain whilst I do other things. I’ve always done it. In October 2012, when I was 10, I decided to write one of them down.

I showed it to my music teacher, Mrs Smith. She said it was so good that she wanted me to perform it at the school Christmas Concert, if I wrote some words to it.

At the concert, I sang the opening verse solo and my Dad, Wink filmed it.

An awful lot of fuss was made and Mum was really happy as she had not ever heard me sing before! Mum sent Wink’s video to her sister in Australia. Auntie Sarah also made a fuss and suggested Mum get it recorded.

Mum had spent the last year recording an album for my Dad’s band Buzz, so luckily she had an idea about how to do this. Mum asked me if I wanted to record it professionally. I said this would be OK only if I could use it to raise some money for Asperger’s, if my classmates would sing with me and Buzz would play on it.

I wanted to raise money for Asperger’s to help other people like me and also to help my school to help other children who have special needs. I needed a lot of help from my school and my classmates, if it weren’t for them, I would still be crawling about under tables, traumatised and refusing to come out. Now I have the confidence, although scary, to sing in front of my Mum and the whole school.

I went on the internet to see what the biggest charity for Asperger’s is and it is The National Autistic Society, NAS for short, I sent them an email and they thought it was great idea and would support it.

I asked Buzz if they would play the backing on my song and together we sorted out an arrangement which would be right for a single, about 3 minutes long.

Recording the song

We recorded the music and I sang a guide vocal so Mrs Smith could teach my Y6 class the new arrangement ready for the recording.

I recorded my actual vocals on 13 July and on 16 July my whole class came to Runway Studios to record their parts.

Eric Kent from NAS came along to meet us and see the song being recorded. It was the hottest day of the year and funny to think we were singing about Christmas trees and sleighs! During the day the word got out and Mix 96, an Aylesbury Radio Station invited me for an interview about the recording and my idea, so we did that on the way home.

We all had an epic day out and it was a great way to spend time with my friends on one of the last days we would all be together. Five days later, we broke up and are now at different Secondary schools.

Since the big recording day, I got busy designing artwork for my website, drawing the buttons, etc, which I hope you like! I have made a music video – out very soon and I have been interviewed by the Press in different countries, Radio 4, BBC 3 Counties, Radio Berkshire in fact lots of radio and ITV Tonight, Channel 5 News, Daybreak with Lorraine and Aled and photos have been taken too – lots of photos!

My aims are:
To raise lots of money to help people with Asperger’s and Autism.
To raise awareness of Asperger’s to show that with quite a lot of help, people like me can begin to understand you and realise our potential so we can live more happily in the world with you.

I hope you like my song and I hope you will order a copy today!


My Charities

  • The National Autistic Society – 45%
  • Nordoff Robbins Music Therapy – 45%
  • The Seer Green C of E Combined School Charitable Fund – 10%

If you would like to help me raise even more money for charity, you can always make a donation direct to one of my supported charities.

Thank you for visiting my website and for taking the time to read this.

Get into ‘The Spirit of Christmas’ early – you will definitely make a big difference to many lives!

100% of the profits from sales will be split as follows; 45% to The National Autistic Society (registered charity numbers: England and Wales 269425 and Scotland SC039427), 45% to Nordoff Robbins ( registered charity number 280960) and 10% to The Seer Green C Of E Combined School Charitable Fund (registered charity number: 1083427 ) for the facilitation of Special Education Needs (SENCO) Departments in Schools.